We are looking for quality and originality. We always try our best discovering high quality and unique daily use products from around the world. While using them, we are like listening to their stories as if the products were alive and we admire the creative spirit of their creators. We like to share our discoveries with other people around the world and wish the others have the same fun as we do.


The-Paper-Cuts B6 Notebook


Our notebooks feature the wonderful Hobonichi Diary Paper. This high performance, fountain pen friendly paper can withstand the wettest of pens without any feathering or bleed-through. What makes this paper even more amazing is that it is extremely thin and lightweight. The notebooks have 192 pages of 68gsm paper and are just 9mm thick. All while weighing less than 180 grams.

We designed our notebooks with comfort in mind. The paper’s light cream color is warm and inviting to write on. The notebooks are sewn bound, which means they can easily open completely flat on the table. We created both dot and line versions for you to choose from.



Using new 68gsm Tomoe River high quality paper manufactured in Japan


192 pages but only 9mm thickness and less than 180 grams


Suitable for various writing, painting, drawing instruments: pencil, ball pen, fountain pen, water colour or even Chinese ink.


Thread sewn binding allow 180 degree flat lay-open. Easy for cross pages and comfortable writing and drawing


Our New B6 Notebook

192 pages / 68 gsm / 180 gram / Made in Japan

Dot Version

B6 Dot B6 Dot Closeup


Line Version

B6 Line B6 Line Closeup


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